Hot Chip covering ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ by Bruce Springsteen
(here and here)

Live at Studios Saint Germain, Paris, October 2022

Directed by Thibaut Charlut
Sound direction by Oscar Ferran

Camera operators : Marie-Laure Blancho, Nick Helderman & Brieuc Segalen

Edited by Ambre Fournier
Color grading by Thibaut Charlut
Mix by Oscar Ferran
Mastering by Simon Lancelot

Voice & Fender Rhodes : Alexis Taylor
Voice & Tambourine: Joe Goddard
Guitar and chorus : Rob Smoughton

Producer : Christophe « Chryde » Abric
Executive Producer : Ondine Benetier
Production Manager : Esther Blondel

Post-production: Axel Verbruggen & Audry-Elisa Duparc
Post Production Assistant : Eloïse Therond