Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre Ircam

Spatialisation : Hervé Déjardin
Diffusion électronique Manuel Poletti
Diffusion sonore : Clément Cerles

Video : Eric de Gélis
Enregistrement et mixage en binaural : Oscar Ferran

Sortie : Mars 2022

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⸻ 2022

Jean-Michel Jarre, a popular and emblematic figure of electronic music, has imagined with OXYMORE, his 22nd studio album, a tribute to the pioneers of concrete music in France: Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer. OXYMORE incorporates certain sound elements inherited from Pierre Henry but the adventure is also radically oriented towards the future. OXYMORE is the first commercial album of this scale, conceived and composed in multichannel and binaural sound, and mixed in 360° audio in the "Innovation" studios at Radio France with the complicity of Hervé Déjardin. Multiplying the strata and layers in the image of a surrealist compound/collage, OXYMORE integrates all the possibilities of binaural: bringing together artifice and natural listening, the studio and 360-degree sound projection. In line with issues raised by the Metaverse that concern the artist, producer, and cultural ambassador Jean-Michel Jarre, sound immersion reveals a complete world, without the need for a visual medium.With the performance of (more)OXYMORE and its specific prologue, Jean-Michel Jarre takes advantage of the characteristics of the IRCAM's Espace de projection, of its acoustics that can be modulated and modified ad infinitum.

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