Prudence Blogothèque


Shot in Villa Magnan, Biarritz, in June 2020

Directed by Hugo Jouxtel
Sound Direction by Oscar Ferran
Edited by Flora Alfonsi
Post-production by Alexandre Sellem & Ambre Fournier

Produced by Ondine Benetier & Philippine Graffard for La Blogothèque

Special thanks to everyone a Villa Magnan

« Offenses »
Music by Prudence & Villevielle

« Passionfruit (Drake Cover) »
Produced by Prudence & Villevielle

Label : Intuitio & Sony RCA
Management : Anne Cibron & JP Allard
Live Setup Team : Clément Daquin & Raphaël Jeanne


Marco Mengoni

Shot in Palazzo Madama, Torino, in November 2018

Directed by Giorgio Testi
Sound Direction by Etienne Pozzo & FX Delaby
Director of Photography : Luca Ciuti
Steadicam : Emilio Giliberti
Focus Puller : Rocco Cirifino
Assistant Camera : Julien Dehersemaeker
DIT : Domenico Bruzzese
Video Assistant : Gabriele Gallareto

Sound Engineer : Oscar Ferran
Mix : Etienne Pozzo, Oscar Ferran & FX Delaby

Executive Producer : Christophe « Chryde » Abric
Producers : Anousonne Savanchomkeo & Ondine Benetier
Line Producer : Rémi Veyrié
Production Administrator : Jonathan André

Music Director and Keyboards : Christian Rigano
Drum Pad : Davide Sollazzi
Acoustic Guitar : Peter Cornacchia
Synth Bass : Giovanni Pallotti
Cello : Giulia Monti
Violin : Carmelo Emanuele Patti
Violin : Luca Campioni
Viola : Giulia Sandoni

Produced by La Blogothèque
With the support of YouTube Music