Rodrigo y Gabriela - Descending To Nowhere Blogothèque

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Shot at Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris, April 2023

Directed by Hugo Jouxtel
Sound direction by Oscar Ferran

Production and artistic coordination by Esther Blondel
Assisted by Alice Delalle

Post production by Audry Duparc, Sofiane Sahli & Eloïse Therond

Special thanks to all the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord team

© 2023 – Blogothèque – ATO Records

Jammcard Paris MonoNeon

MonoNeon feat. Larnell Lewis & Isaiah Sharkey

Live from the JammJam in Paris

Produced by: Jammcard, Bang & Olufsen,
Elmo Lovano, Christian Paul Meadows

Engineered by: Chris Harbach
Mixed by: Oscar Ferran
Filmed by: Spring 69
Edited by: Michael Bowden

Bass & Vocals: MonoNeon
Guitar: Isaiah Sharkey
Drums: Larnell Lewis
Keys: Kevin Jubert
Rhodes: Frank Woeste

Filmed and recorded live at the New Morning in Paris, France

The Backseat Lovers Blogothèque

The Backseat Lovers

Shot in London, March 2023

Director: Simon Lane
Cinematographer: Jack Maddison

Producer: Ondine Benetier
London Producer: David Gourlay

Focus Puller: Josh Tue
Audio engineer: Stephen Hodge
Mixing & mastering: Oscar Ferran

Runner: Daphne Ivy

With Joshua Harmon – voice, guitar

© 2023 / The Backseat Lovers, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Leland Whitty

Shot at Maison Duvinage, Paris, December 2022

Directed by Aelred Nils
Sound direction by Oscar Ferran & Félix Pozzo

Sound recording assistant: Anna Mengelle
Mix by Oscar Ferran

Production and artistic coordination by Caroline Fauvel
Production assistant: Simon Dumottier
Post-production: Audry Elisa Duparc, Eloïse Therond & Sofiane Salhi

Saxophone: Leland Whitty
Drums: Alexander Sowinski
Upright Bass: Chester Hansen

Hot Chip

Hot Chip covering ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ by Bruce Springsteen
(here and here)

Live at Studios Saint Germain, Paris, October 2022

Directed by Thibaut Charlut
Sound direction by Oscar Ferran

Camera operators : Marie-Laure Blancho, Nick Helderman & Brieuc Segalen

Edited by Ambre Fournier
Color grading by Thibaut Charlut
Mix by Oscar Ferran
Mastering by Simon Lancelot

Voice & Fender Rhodes : Alexis Taylor
Voice & Tambourine: Joe Goddard
Guitar and chorus : Rob Smoughton

Producer : Christophe « Chryde » Abric
Executive Producer : Ondine Benetier
Production Manager : Esther Blondel

Post-production: Axel Verbruggen & Audry-Elisa Duparc
Post Production Assistant : Eloïse Therond

Yael Naim My Sweetheart Blogothèque

Yael Naim

Shot in Paris, March 2020

Directed by Hugo Jouxtel
Sound direction by Etienne Pozzo & Oscar Ferran

Produced by La Blogothèque
Executive Producer – Christophe « Chryde » Abric
Producer – Anousonne Savanchomkeo
Production Manager – Philippine Graffard

Post-Production : Alexandre Sellem & Ambre Fournier

Choir: Ensemble ZENE
Direction : Bruno Kele-Baujard
Singers : Mathilde Monfray, Cécile Van Wetter, Lorraine Tisserant, Armelle Marq, Magali Hochet, Léo Fernique, Ryan Veillet
Horns : Corentin Billet, Harmonie Moreau, Mathilde Fèvre, Tom Caudelle, Emilien Courait
Management : Pierre Walfisz
Label : Emilie Damon pour Tôt ou Tard

Special thank to Benoit Toulemonde

Jacob Collier Never Gonna be Alone Blogothèque

Jacob Collier

Shot in Jussieu, Paris, July 2022

Directed by Hugo Jouxtel
Sound direction by Alban Lejeune & Oscar Ferran

Sound recording by Alban Lejeune assisted by Nicolas Defeudis
Mix by Oscar Ferran

Produced by Christophe ‘Chryde’ Abric and Anousonne Savanchomkeo
Coordination by Caroline Fauvel
Production assistants: Elsa Benichou & Simon Delange
Production administration: Tatiana Fouque & Mia El Rakka

Post-production: Axel Verbruggen, Audry Elisa Duparc & Eloïse Therond

Voice & guitar: Jacob Collier
Voice: Alita Moses
Melodica & backing vocals: Bryn Bliska
Guitar & backing vocals: Emily Elbert

Management: Fran Haincourt & Michael Peha
Label Managers: Charlotte Kindred & Katie Watts

Ibrahim Maalouf Beirut Nîmes

Ibrahim Maalouf

Official Music Video
Shot on september 2020 – Arènes de Nîmes

Trumpet : Ibrahim Maalouf
Guitar : François Delporte

Directed by Samuel Thiébaut
Director of Photography : Raphaël Pannier
Steadicam : Benjamin Groussain
Focus Puller : Tom Giffon
Drone : Florentin Zweidek / Pierre-Arnaud Briot

Sound manager : Jean Lyonnet
Recording : Nicolas Poitrenaud / Thibaut Le Hennaff
Mix : Oscar Ferran

Editing : Guillaume Boitrelle
Colour grading : Pierre Laurent

A coproduction Ibé Films and Oléo Films in association with Qwest TV and Jazz 70

Nilufer Yanya Pitchfork Blogothèque

Nilüfer Yanya

Nilufer Yanya Pitchfork Blogothèque

Live at Pitchfork Festival 2019, Paris (not available on Internet)

Lead vocal & guitar : Nilüfer Yanya
Saxophone, keyboard & vocals : Jazzi Bobbi
Bass, keyboard & vocals : Luke Bowyer
Drums : Chris Boot

Directed by Benoît Toulemonde
Sound Direction by Oscar Ferran & Etienne Pozzo

Director of photography : Raphaël Pannier
Chief cameraman : Thomas Lallier

Editor : Vincent Bourre
Colorist : David Bouhsira
Mix : Oscar Ferran
Mastering : Etienne Pozzo
Postproduction manager : Alexandre Sellem

Produced by La Blogothèque and Pitchfork Music Festival
Executif producer: Christophe Abric
Head of production : Anousonne Savanchomkeo & Ondine Benetier

In association with Culturebox / France Television

Moodoïd - Langage Miss Smith


Shot at Days off 2018, Philharmonie de Paris

Pablo Padovani AKA Moodoïd (lead vocal, guitar)
Kom_I (vocal on « Langage »)
Laetitia N’Diaye (Rhodes, backing vocal)
Gabriel Gosse (guitar)

Directed by Hugo Jouxtel
Sound recording by Eliott Sebbag
Mix by Etienne Pozzo, Eliott Sebbag & Oscar Ferran

Edited by Flora Alfonsi

Produced by La Blogothèque
Producers: Christophe Abric & Ondine Benetier
Post-production : Matéo Lahais & Alexandre Sellem

In association with ARTE France, Unité Arts et Spectacles, and la Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris